3 Causes of painful, watery eyes

If the eyes suddenly watery eyes and accompanied by a sense of pain you need to be aware of as a serious symptom. Because this phenomenon can be the beginning of unexpected possibilities in the senses of your sight. These symptoms that can also interfere with the eye working system and of course also will harm you. Especially the eyes are one of the senses that are so valuable in the body. Without a good eye condition then everything will feel uncomfortable. You should study the causes of watery and sore eyes. For this article will discuss some causes of watery eyes and sore. In the meantime, you can check Walmart eye center hours to know the right time to visit this optic center.

Weather Factor

The first cause that can make the eyes become watery and sore is the weather factor. The weather will be very influential for eye health. Especially when the dry weather, where the dust is flying everywhere. Then this can interfere with eye performance. Dust can easily get into the eye, stick to the eyelid and experience friction. So as to make eye irritation and will occur eye irritation and watery.


The second cause that makes the eyes sore and watery is due to fatigue. This fatigue can be caused by the eyes often see the screen gadgets or laptops with a long intensity. The light that comes out of the screen makes the eyes become exhausted and result in irritated and watery eyes.

Clogged Tears Channel

Clogging of the tear ducts can also be one cause of the emergence of pain in the eyes. This resulted in the eyes cannot work optimally.