Expensive Cars That Only Can Purchase By the Billionaire

Dreaming of having a car can certainly be experienced almost everyone, and indeed some are able to make it happen. But having a super luxury and expensive car it just can be a dream. The reality only applies to the millionaires only. But do not be sad, at this time you can also rent a luxury car class limousine at Limousine Service Los Angeles as your transportation to go to an event.

Feeling out of it to buy it, maybe not most of the world’s population can afford it, but if you’re a billionaire it’s not difficult. Here are 2 super luxury cars that can only be purchased, billionaires!

1. Lamborghini Veneno – US $ 4 million (Rp 41.06 billion)
This car is made as a celebration of Lamborghini which has served the world community for 50 years. The car features like a V12 engine with a capacity of 6.5 liters that produces 750 horsepower. Its speed can reach 355.6 km/hour. In a matter of 2.8 seconds, the car is capable of racing with speed 96.5 km/hour.

2. Maybach Landaulet – US $ 1.2 million (Rp 12.3 billion)
Among the list of glamorous and expensive cars, Maybach Landaulet is the slowest. It is a 4-door limousine with a flexible roof. This car is equipped with various features that ensure the comfort of the rider.