The importance of logic in Programming

Many among the learners or anyone who is learning programming language always ask “how to learn a programming language to quickly and smoothly”. I mean they ask for a way to learn to programme instantly. Not necessarily through the process of dizziness and dizzying. However, the non-instant why is actually very important, especially if it comes down to the logic of the program. Therefore, you can also try the Android programmer training if you want to be better in Android programming.

Why is this important? because all the core programming is logic, you will not be able to apply in code, when you do not understand the logic of the program you are creating.

Sometimes programmers who already understand can think of the results before the code is written, although the continuity of writing the code there is a little wrong.

How to make our logic good? the answer does not be copy-paste! you can read again my description above.

When you have been able to write the code yourself, then you make your own case, which is easy-peasy, how to find prime numbers, find even odd numbers, create pyramids with stars and others. although simple, but the sought is not the result, but its logic.