Two Ways Of SEO Optimization You Need To Know

The number of companies that recently developed in this time to make internet marketing a mainstay for those who want to market their product and increase traffic on their website. SEO becomes one of the internet marketing that is widely used by the company. The number of SEO services provided will make them easier to make traffic on their website. Jasa SEO Jakarta is one of the providers of SEO services that can offer high traffic on the website owned.

However, did you know that SEO has two ways of optimization, namely SEO on- page, and off-page SEO? Both are different, you need to know the difference well.

– On-page SEO is a way of providing good content, selecting the right keywords, placing keywords in the right places, giving appropriate titles for each page and so on that relate to the content on a website.

– Off-page SEO is a way of how to build links and increase link popularity by submitting directories and maintaining search engines.