Is It Effective To Promote Business Through Comment On Other Social Media’s Postings?

Promotional posts are unlikely to be noticed by other social media users. This kind of posting will automatically be regarded as useless spam. So you do not seem to expect to get a lot of clients from this kind of ‘tacky’ promotion. It would be better if you do business promotion through SEO with the help of Jasa SEO Jakarta for your business has always been ranked top in Google search engine.

In addition, the promotion is irrelevant to the topic being discussed, eventually, your post becomes lazy to read, especially if the promotional comments are too long and full of the unreasonable lure. You just spend time and energy just to do this kind of thing.

In spite of that, are you easy to believe in the business or sales of promoted products on the comments? Generally, people will not believe it. Because the original seller will promote on the right track, for example, make your own posts or even sales will be special through the official website and official Facebook fan page. Promotion through comments shows disorder and lack of ethics in social media.