Don’t forget to check these out when you buy a used computer

This RAM is often called memory. In modern times today, 1GB of RAM is a minimal obligation in a computer. The higher the memory, of course, the better the performance of a computer. The operating system will run smoothly with high RAM. Make sure you check out the RAM whenever you buy a คอมมือสองราคาถูก.

CD / DVD Drive
We recommend that the computer must have a CD / DVD ROM or RW. This, of course, will affect the price of the CPU as a whole. Noteworthy is the data transfer speed of Optical Drive itself, ie how many times, for example 4x 6x 12x (for DVD) or 48x and 52x (for CD).

Hardware brand
Make sure you know the information about the hardware from the internet as well as the manufacturer’s info. Brands play an important role because the quality of electronic goods, in general, is determined by its brand. In addition, access to after-sales services such as service will be easier for famous brands.

Test or experiment
This is something you must do when buying a secondhand CPU, so you know the CPU performance directly. Testing you can do from Start-Up to Shut Down will look good if the CPU performance is still normal.

The price offered
By knowing everything we mentioned above, you will be able to assess whether the price offered matches the quality and quantity of the CPU. You can assess whether the CPU is too high or not.

After you buy a secondhand CPU, you should reformat all your hard drives and install a new operating system. There could still be viruses left over from the old owner. By doing this, then you will be safe from virus interference. Maybe useful.

It’s true that the processor, monitor, and also the hard disk must be checked out. However, if you forget about the peripheral parts of a used computer to be checked out, then you will increase the risk of buying a bad one from the store.