The reason which drives people to choose the land investment

Speaking of investments, according to Wikipedia this term is closely related to finance & economy, following the accumulation of a form of activation in the hope of making a profit in the future. Sometimes, investment is also called asset investment. Investment really promises profit, but investors also must be observant to see the advantages and disadvantages of his investment. In the meantime, perhaps you should check out 5 property landlord insurance as well.

The types of investments commonly found in many countries are quite diverse. Starting from foreign currency, jewelry, stocks, deposits, bonds, antiques, until the property. For those of you who are interested in investing in the property sector especially land, apparently, there are many things that need to be ensured before buying. Primarily, check the legality of the land is free of free, clean, and clear.

Free means the free dispute, where the name of the owner in accordance with the listed in the land certificate. Clean, meaning the land is not being used for other economic activities or is occupied by other unauthorized persons. While clear means the size of the land is appropriate, as it appears on the certificate, and fits the boundaries.

Similar to other asset-planting types, investment of land lots has its own plus & minus angle. Anything for example?

Excess Land Investment

Anyone knows that the price of land continues to increase. The percentage can reach 20 to 25% annually, or double after 5 years. This plus value is what makes land investment suitable for beginners.

Property that has a high return & capital gain such as land, should not be sold in a short time. Wait a minute until the price goes up significantly. Generally, the increase in property values will be very felt after five years.

Then in terms of cost. Treatment of vacant land does not require a large cost & difficult. Unlike property in the form of buildings, such as houses, apartments, shophouses, offices, or kiosks, which must be maintained then often spend every year.

Have added value (added value). This advantage can be obtained when the land is developed. Later many found the development of housing on a small scale packed in the form of clusters. If the land is considered strategic, can also be used as a shophouse.